December 21st 2023

Changelog v2.3

Hot Fixes

  • PayPal Checkout Fixes:

    • Fixed intermittent issues with applying PayPal payment during checkout.

    • Fixed bug preventing users with no previous orders from changing currency.

  • Plan Management Improvements:

    • Fixed issue where cancelling a plan did not properly update the UI.

    • Fixed bug where successful "undo cancellation" did not update UI.

  • Billing Period Reset Fix:

    • Fixed bug causing billing period to incorrectly reset to monthly when applying a coupon code.

  • Resolved multiple smaller bugs related to:

    • Shared servers management.

    • Schedule management.

    • Console permissions.



  • Dashboard Infrastructure upgrade to improve overall performance.

  • Added email subscription preferences in user settings.

  • Implemented server-side pagination and sorting for DataTables in plan management.

  • Improved registration forms:

    • Moved Terms of Service to modal for easier reviewing.

    • Enhanced display name validation.


  • Streamlined console initialization to reduce unnecessary requests.

  • Replaced router refreshes with faster context updates in File Manager for most actions.

  • Enables near instant actions when trashing, removing, uploading files and more.

  • Enables unarchiving large >5GB archives using background tasks.

  • Moved file transformation logic to server-side to reduce delay.

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