Hot Fixes

  • Fixed payment button loading issue.

  • Resolved permission count bug when inviting subusers.

  • Addressed user profile update issues.

  • Fixed file manager upload errors.

  • Prevented downgrading past allocated resources usage.

  • Corrected inventory pagination when toggling views.

  • Handled errors when previewing untested modpacks.

  • Fixed issues with incorrect permissions when inviting subusers.

  • Resolved problems with changing user display names.

  • Corrected problems with trashed files reappearing.

  • Increased support ticket message length.



  • Implemented pagination for file manager.

  • Migrated support tickets to improved table interface.

  • Added ability to select server/plan when creating tickets.


  • Optimized server inventory and resources pages by reducing the amount of requests.


  • Improved server-side input validation for payment actions.

  • Refactored Stripe payment processing to ensure proper confirmation and authentication.

  • Added ability to manually apply account credits to invoices.

  • Invoice credits now listed as line items for clarity.

  • Improved reliability of PayPal payments.

  • Enhanced security around checkout and payment processing.


  • Fetch resources (fresh) each time the Create Server page or Edit Server modal is opened.

  • Fixes issues where resources displayed on Edit Server modal and Create Server page are cached and not up to date.

  • Fixed consumable resources for servers (storage, backups, databases and port allocations) being downgraded below what is currently being used.


  • Fixed error when deleting suspended servers.


  • Reduced loading times on create, delete, update and install actions.

  • Improved initial loading speed of tabs by using suspense boundaries.

8 days ago



  • Introducing invoices page for viewing billing history.

  • Data tables for easy invoice lookup.

  • PayPal and Stripe payments available on invoices.

  • Displaying available account credits on billing pages.

  • Introducing subscription info and payment method management.

  • Standardized button placement across billing pages.


  • Loading indicators to improve checkout process feedback.

  • Introduced registration system for new users during checkout.

  • Introduced payment gateway selector for flexible payment options.

  • Stripe available for credit card payments.

  • Users can pay with new or saved cards.

  • Validation to prevent errors during checkout.

  • Slider labels designed for increased clarity.


  • Developed feature to help users add, update, and remove credit cards.

  • Validation is enabled when managing cards.

  • Duplicate cards cannot be added.


  • Introduced configurable data tables for improved data analysis.

  • Designed mobile navigation menu for better experience on smaller screens.

  • Pricing cards with updated styling.

  • Implemented modal system for alerts and notifications.

  • Data table designs for better configurability.

  • Styling on pricing page for optimized experience on smaller screens.

  • Removed alpha notifications that were no longer needed.

  • Introduced form component for improved tabbing interface.


  • Warn users if a server will be impacted by an upcoming plan cancellation.

  • Streamlined deletion workflow for unassigned servers.

  • Excellent syncing between servers and Cloudflare records.

  • Proper resource assignment issues across multiple plans.

  • Show warnings instead of power controls for suspended servers.

Hot Fixes

  • Prevented sending empty support tickets that create confusion.

  • Fixed infinite loading issue that occurred when entering spaces in display name.

  • Introduced display name validation to only allow string input.

  • Set upper limits on resources like schedules per server to prevent crashes.

  • TOS agreement required for API registration to comply with policies.

  • Implemented rate limiting on API endpoints to prevent abuse.

  • Fixed invoice details not showing correct information after config upgrades.

  • Removed payment methods from $0 invoices to avoid confusion.

  • Fixed Stripe checkout calculation bug for totals ending in zero.

  • Performed general code cleanup and optimizations for improved stability.

29 days ago


  • Fixed used up resources on Inventory page being wrongly formatted due to pagination

About 2 months ago

Hot Fixes


  • Fixed request error with permanently deleting files


  • Fix console history sometimes not being requested on full page reload


  • Sped up navigation between server tabs.



  • Added a News section has been added to the dashboard landing page.

  • Added information banner to Inventory page.


  • Added full-scale pagination system to server listing.

  • The pagination system has sorting options, pages, as well as a search field.

  • The search field will filter by server name and owner email (useful for subusers).


  • Show Suspended Server Alert.

  • Allow Adjusting Backup, Database and Port Allocation limits in Edit Server Modal, to match fields on Create Server Page.

  • Allow to change game server name while server is running, but to change resources you need to stop the game server.


  • Fixed issue with the untested modpack egg where it would display a name field causing errors on saving Startup settings.

  • Automatically updates CPU Boost status without user interaction


  • Fixes issue on Reinstall tab where the value of the current type shows the placeholder text. Appears if you have a modpack installed.


  • Prevents scrolling the entire body when mouse is hovering Console.

  • Fixed CTRL+C copying selected text within console.


  • Fixes new name in rename modal displaying the old name on the same item after successful rename.

  • Prevents renaming a file to the same name it already has in the UI instead of displaying a generic backend error on submit.

  • Fixed File Manager Crash when .trashed-items or .pinned-items has a certain payload.

  • Fixed incorrect files being deleted by the automatic trash purger cron in Ptero after 30 days.

  • Fixed an error with restorations in the File Manager which would happen in the following edge case (these paths could be any):

    • Move file /test/testfile.txt to trash

    • Create a new file /test/testfile.txt

    • Move new /test/testfile.txt to trash.

    • Restore any of the /test/testfile.txt. from trash.

    • Only one file gets restored and the other testfile.txt get's removed from the .trashed-files meta while still existing in the File Manager, being invisible for the user.


  • Domain name now has uniformity between proxy and domain name and its alignment has been fixed.


  • The background color for a task has been made one shade lighter for a better appearance.

  • Minor UI fixes for mobile view.


  • Backup details have been moved out of the card and the design has been slightly changed.

  • All action buttons will be disabled until the backup is complete to make the user experience better.

  • Backup size and created time will be displayed after the backup is complete before that there will be a loading component.

  • The loading spinner for locking and unlocking process alignment has been fixed.

  • The UUID value added to the backup table can be copied by clicking on the value.

  • "Limit Reached" modal was mentioning Ports.


  • Database details have been redesigned.

  • You can now easily copy database information

  • "Limit Reached" modal was mentioning Ports.

  • On password rotation DB password will only have letters and numbers no special character.


  • The sub user page has been redesigned.


  • Pre-fetches pagination buttons, and Select Fields for Page Size and Sort By upon opening.


  • If a plugin links to a .jar file it will download it instead of linking to an external site.

  • Pre-fetches pagination buttons, and Select Fields for Page Size and Sort By upon opening.

  • Fixed trashed plugin jars showing up as Installed under the Plugins tab.

About 2 months ago



  • Console Page — Apply maximum height to xterm container.

  • Bug:When any of the current users server is installing, these resource values are set to 999 FIXED.

  • Inventory page allocations, backups and databases show "Please reload..." if any server is currently installing : FIXED will show correct allocation now.


  • Slightly darker comments in File Editor.

  • The UI of the Ports tab has been redesigned.

  • The UI of the Backups tab has been redesigned.

  • The background color shade for the switch in the Schedule Modal has been changed to a lighter shade.


  • Spigot plugins which have external URLs will no longer be direct-downloadable but instead allow you to move to the external URL from the plugins tab.


  • Disables versions field from being interacted with when a new game type has been selected. There is a second overlap with loading the versions for the newly selected Type which could have led to confusion. The old versions were still showing during this loading period.


  • Fixed inconsistencies related to resending subuser invite email rate limiting.


  • Added ability to get the size of directories.

  • Directory sizes are cached until the folder is modified in any way (i.e the directories name changes, file is added, removed or edited within).

  • A recalculation of the size can also be triggered manually.

  • Highlighted default sorting option (name in ascending order).

  • Directories are prioritized over files when sorting by name.

  • Made the separation between pinned files and actual file manager a little more obvious using a divider.

4 months ago



  • Fixed padding issue on Select component


  • Fixed vertical alignment of Subuser permission checkboxes and descriptions

  • You cannot modify server resources while it’s running.

4 months ago



  • File search is accessible if the user has permission.

  • Split up permission-checking of File Manager Action buttons to be individual instead of grouped together. This allows more granular control over these buttons, such as showing the SFTP modal button only if the user has file.sftp permission, instead of grouping all of the buttons together to the permission.


  • The "Manage" and dropdown buttons on servers on the Inventory page can no longer be clicked when the server is installing.


  • Sets Java 17 LTS by default on Minecraft servers (Thanks Itachi)


  • The entire UI has undergone an update, with tasks now displayed within the collapse component.

  • For Input, Select, and Switch components, the label prop is now utilized to display labels.

  • The Edit, Delete, and Add task buttons have been substituted with Icon Buttons, each with a tooltip prop providing a description.


  • Took care of several instabilities when going in and out of the install state.

  • The server going to install state (such as by using the Reinstall functionality on the Settings tab), is now perceived as instant for the user (Try clicking on the Reinstall button).

  • Made sure the socket connection isn't lost when a server is installing and the page is reloaded/changed. This was a major issue that caused the server tab ui to sometimes freeze with the installing alert visible until the entire page was reloaded.

  • Added an ugly fake progress bar to installing alert.

  • Servers installing will show skeleton loading on the overview tab instead of nothing.


  • Community Engagement and Support section has been added to the data handling policy page.


  • Adjust overall form spacing for all forms

  • Refactored “reset to default” buttons on Settings -> Startup form

  • Add new “Raw Edit Flags” button to Settings -> Startup form

  • Reworked the “Delete Files” switch on Settings -> Reinstall form and “Lock Backup” switch for Create Backup form

  • Changed the way the subdomain form elements look

  • File search Input spans entire width of container

  • Minor adjustments to Console page input element

  • Add tiny little animation along with a new “denied” prop on the Switch component to show that an input cannot be changed — initially used on the Reinstall form when selecting a new game that requires removal of data

  • Remove background colour from “ghost” inputs

  • Slight adjustments to Subuser permissions modal permission descriptions


  • Restored missing blur on OverlayMessage component backdrop

  • Set default value for Set Permissions modal

  • Wildcard domains for reverse proxy can no longer be created (Thanks MythicalKitten from BerryByte)

  • Pushed hotfix to Production addressing game versions not applying properly on Reinstall

  • Automatically select the detected language syntax for file editor.

  • Adjust styling for Combobox, Dropdown, Input, NumberInput, Select and TextArea components — clear button always takes up space on “clearable” components, even when the button doesn’t need to be shown (prevents width from changing)

  • Fix incorrect HTML markup for Switch component (label no longer wraps multiple “input” elements)

  • Remove redundant inner overflow styling for Modal/AlertDialog

  • “Select domain” dropdown clickable within subdomain fields

  • Fixed regression with Select and Combobox components not working on the first selection

  • Remove logging from UploadFiles utility class

  • “toBoolean” coercion utility wasn’t taking into account “false” string condition

  • Refactored Reinstall and Create Server forms to fix regression bug (staging only) — Game, Type and Version selectors working properly now



  • Added File Search to File Manager.

  • The file search searches file/folder names as well as contents of files globally (in all directories), and returns matches by name and # of matches in content.

  • Added "Open file location" dropdown option for file items on search.

  • Search match by file/directory name will show above file search match by content if filtering by matches.

  • Clicking on an editable file where the search query matches by content will highlight all the occurrences of the search query in that file.


  • Added global sorting of file rows.

  • Directories count as having size 0 in sorting

  • Default sorting is by modified date in descending order (newest to oldest).

4 months ago



  • Made installing alert show up and disappear more reliably when installing something (Reinstall tab or Modpack install).

  • Disable power actions when the server is installing.


  • Disables all buttons on tab (Reset to Defaults, Save File, Game Icon upload) if the server is installing.

  • Made the Game Icon loading faster and less annoying when traversing from and to the Overview tab.

  • Fixes broken Game Icon image if a subuser is lacking permission. Will now simply default to our US logo.


  • Banner has been added informing we are in development stage and link to change logs has been added too.


  • Pin Feature

    • Can now pin files and directories

    • All pins are available from the root directory as well as inside each parent directory of the pinned item’s location

  • Uploader Enhancements

    • Reworked file upload experience

    • When more than one file is being uploaded at once, there is a collapsible section to view detailed progress information for each file, otherwise a global progress indicator is used

    • Improved reliability of drag-to-upload behaviour

  • Enhanced all action modals

    • All forms can be submitted with “Enter” key

    • All forms include basic validation

    • Reworked path calculations for move/rename modals to be reflective of relative path changes

    • Collect affected items into an easier to read format

      • Additionally, when more than 10 items are affected, the remainder are hidden and can be expanded on demand

  • Recycle Bin has been renamed to Trash

    • Trash is now a modal rather than its own route

    • Actions on items in the Trash are now limited to permanent deletion or restoration

    • When deleting items, there is now the option to move to the Trash or permanently delete (skipping the Trash altogether)

    • There is now a “Trashed” timestamp along with “Last Modified”

  • Add column headings to file listings

  • Add “back” button to breadcrumbs

  • Reworked the “action” buttons

    • Changed the visual style to be a little more subtle

    • Now collapse to smaller icons on smaller screens

  • Added error page for File Manager-specific errors (missing files, etc)


  • Added feature to console tab that allows copying the current console logs.


  • Added ability to reassign subdomains that are connected to the server but not assigned to any of the servers' current port allocations. This deals with the issue where subdomains disappeared for NY node users after the transfer to the DE node.

  • Added user-friendly error for when we run in to Cloudflares DNS-record per domain limit of 1000.


  • Added loading visualization as skeleton for when a DB password rotate is triggered.

  • The database connection modal design has been updated and details can be copied now using a mouse click on the detail.

  • Bug fix: Rotate password toast will appear once password has been updated on Modal.


  • Implemented cache for permissions-related functions to significantly reduce redundant API calls.

  • Use correct units for storage values on Backups page and for image uploader.

  • Refactored PluginUpdated and ModpackUpdated components to use the same icon and wording.

  • Modals are no longer wider than the screen on smaller screens.

  • Remove all usage of the word “folder” and ensure only “directory” is used.


  • Implement consistent date/time formatting throughout Dashboard, respecting user’s browser locale settings.

  • Feedback link added to website footer.

  • Changes to the process of creating and editing server resources have been made setting resource values in fractions or anything less than 1 will no longer be allowed.

  • The first slash in the console command will be omitted, example use /seed or seed command will run now.

Important Note:

  • Due to the change related to the Recycle-Bin, old Recycle-Bin will now show up as a normal folder for all servers in the root directory. It will not clear itself as that feature has been permanently adapted to the New Recycle-Bin (Trash)



  • Added CS:GO to selectable Games (In Create server page and Settings -> Reinstall section)

  • Both CS:GO and CS:GO (Sourcemod/Metamod) are available as "Types".

  • Added popup modal on startup/restart of CS:GO server if the server is lacking a Steam Account Token.


  • Rewired reinstall select field logic to work with multiple games, and games without types, and types without versions. (This also applies for the Create server page).

  • Switching Game will auto-select and disable the "Delete server data" switch. Deleting server data will be required if the user wants to switch game.

  • Modified reinstall fields loading to be slightly faster.


  • Made startup variables render as Select fields and Switches if applicable. Switches are for boolean values and Select fields for predefined values. Falls back to normal Input. This is useful for a lot of CS:GO variables.

  • Added Gamemode Presets Select field for CS:GO which combines several in-game parameters into predefined game-mode options. An Advanced Gamemode Settings collapsible dropdown is also present to allow more advanced customization of the servers gameplay.


  • The Startup Section settings will render on the Overview page for CS:GO.


  • Disabled creating subdomains for CS:GO as CS:GO does not work with SRV-records.

  • Kept reverse-proxies enabled for both Minecraft and CS:GO for now. That being said, reverse-proxies cannot be used as a Server Address in CS:GO.

4 months ago



  • 512 mb swap memory added to each game server

  • Text overlapping on user resources is fixed for all devices.

  • Copy-paste feature disabled for Confirm input field and server name input field on delete server modal.


  • Reverse proxies can now be created for port allocations on the Ports tab.

  • Currently, there is a limit of 3 reverse proxies per port allocation.

  • SSL and support for websockets can be toggled on for reverse-proxies. SSL relies on a valid email and CNAME for Let's Encrypt to create a valid SSL Certificate. Otherwise will display an error message.


  • Adds back CTRL+F search bar for console.


  • Fix folder and file names with spaces crashing page with error due to file path being encoded twice.

  • Fixed directories with "."-characters removing the / at the end of the breadcrumb path due to treating characters after the "." as a file extension.

  • Fixes a couple other path issues with File Manager due to the same double-encoding as above.

  • Added conflict warning in case of moving a file or folder to a directory where a file or folder with the same name already exists.

  • Recycle bin feature has been added

  • All files being deleted or mass-deleted will appear in the Recycle Bin instead of being permanently deleted directly. They can be restored or deleted permanently both one-by-one and en masse


  • If a user tries to invite themselves to be a subuser, it will show a proper error message.


  • Fix for "Conflict" error on server creation with subdomain.

  • Mades subdomain modal messaging a bit better.


  • Subdomains can now be individually deleted without deleting the entire port allocation they belong to.


  • Ports tab has been redesigned a bit to fit all the new information in a neat way. For example, subdomains have been moved to under the Address.

  • Port allocations with subdomain/-s will show a green chevron instead of a neutral coloured one on the subdomain collapse under the Address.

  • Same thing but for reverse proxies

5 months ago



  • Reworked the Subuser permissions modal

    • Now possible to enable/disable entire permission categories and all permissions at once

    • Automatically collapse categories (after a deliberate, short delay) when all permissions enabled

    • Automatically enable READ permission whenever UPDATE, CREATE or DELETE is enabled (on applicable categories)

    • Modal can only be closed using the “Cancel” button to avoid accidental closing


  • Properly order server name/location and server owner on both server listing and current server (with a vertical divider in the proper position)

  • permission error was showing on reload of any server tab if the user didn't have this permission enabled.

  • The Edit Server modal was showing Subusers resources instead of server owners when accessing the server as Subuser

  • Transparent background for favicon/icon files + tiny logo adjustments

  • Improved perceived loading time for Show Shared Servers toggle

  • Increase vertical spacing for inventory servers list

  • Add skeleton loader for servers in the inventory servers list

5 months ago

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