May 14th 2024

Changelog v2.6.2



  • Introducing a new dashboard layout, transitioning from horizontal to vertical navigation, with a focus on the inventory section.

  • Implemented consistent styling for error, info, and warning toasts throughout the Dashboard.

  • Server access tabs are no longer clickable for suspended servers.


  • Improved visual display of the backup type selector on mobile by extending the elements across the screen.

  • Implemented prevention of server startup during ongoing backup restoration process to avoid conflicts.


  • Implemented automatic permission setting for file creation, import, upload, or extraction to ensure consistent permissions.


  • Server resource usage has been added to the mobile view for server listings on the Inventory page.

  • Adjusted overall design to ensure consistent spacing between server list elements.

  • Added "Show shared" button to the inventory page on mobile view, ensuring listing of shared servers.

  • Adjusted the layout on mobile to prioritize the display of resource usage values over the "Show plan" button for better visibility and usability.

  • Adjusted the pagination element width on mobile, improving the overall appearance.


  • Added new supported games to the landing page.

  • Updated "Get gaming" to "Start Gaming" on the landing page for improved clarity.

  • Changed the icon for "enterprise infrastructure" on the landing page to convey the idea more effectively.


  • Added successful notification message when port notes are updated.


  • Implemented auto-population of BEACON_PORT variable for Satisfactory servers during creation or reinstallation.


  • Implemented mandatory selection of Product/Service when opening a ticket.

  • Implemented length check for the ticket subject field.

  • Created tickets are now shown immediately on the support ticket listing page.



  • Fixed issue where large backups would fail downloading.


  • Fixed issue where deleting a card did not visually remove it from the list.

  • Fixed issue where setting a card as default did not visually update without requiring a page reload.

  • Fixed inconsistency with default sorting on the "Resource Plans" page, no longer automatically sorts by ID in descending order.

  • Fixed messaging typo on the suspended and overdue resource plan details pages.


  • Fixed typo in directory creation modal; now correctly displays "Directory Name" instead of "File Name" when creating a new directory.


  • Fixed issue where incorrect message text was shown in the inventory search bar.


  • Fixed issue where disabled buttons under the Network tab were clickable.


  • Resolved unnecessary page refresh when clicking on the currently active server tab.


  • Fixed issue with the Reply & Close button not closing the ticket after sending a response.

  • Fixed issue where replies from support tickets being sent and received had a huge delay in being shown.

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