Warn users better when plan prices change

Moved that feedback here as requested by the response to a support ticket that I submitted earlier.

First of all, the support was very fast and I'm very grateful for that: it was stressful for me to receive an invoice that I didn't know why it was sent to me.

So, this invoice! I had registered to the website months ago to try and make a Minecraft server for my friends and I. We don't make professional servers, we were just here for the fun and played occasionally. This was during alpha, and the servers seemed to be marketed as free to use. In the end, it was not exactly what we were looking for, so I left the server untouched and never used it again. This morning, surprise! I received an invoice for a plan I didn't know I subscribed to. Now, this was in fact the transition from alpha to beta: which I can't blame: servers are expensive. But it didn't say anything else than oh, you need to pay before (due date). This was scary. So I deleted the server, and contacted support: they told me that they couldn't bill me anyways and that I could either wait for it to expire or cancel it myself, since I hadn't, indeed, subscribed to a paid plan.

My feedback is to, maybe, warn the users when pricing changes happen (by email, preferably) and also for invoices like the one I got, do include the response that I got from support in it (Saying you haven't subscribed so you won't be billed, the server will just stop, and / or instructions to cancel) although since the servers are fully paid now this shouldn't happen as much.

Again thank you very much to whoever runs support, they were very nice and fast to respond to me, in a very clear manner.

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4 months ago


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