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Usability issues/enhancements

The menu that pops up from clicking on the 3 dots on a while has good options but could use some reordering or should just display the entire thing in one window. Deleting and renaming are at the bottom when they are 2 quite common actions, in itself this isnt an issue, but the fact we have to scroll down to find it is pretty annoying When you have more than 3 servers it is very unclear where the server went, and then i have to find the place where i can either switch pages or enable more than 3 servers per page. I would much rather prefer if the page would dynamically load in the server names (clickable) and then the status of thiese servers in that order, this way i can at a glance see all the servers and at the same time view the status of thiese. If for some reason some status of the server takes a bit to load in i can always just click on it to manage it directly.When uploading a file/folder the menu that something has been uploaded does not go away, and it also prevents me from uploading another file until the page has been refreshed.

An Anonymous User About 2 months ago

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